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Plug & Pull Span Testing Machine

Plug and pull testing for charging cable USB port and 

charging port of headphone.

High & Low Temperature Test

Programming  Pairing Name 


The product can endure the highest 

temperature and minimum testing.

PCB board programming the pairing name and calibration test.

Circuit Board Magnifier Detector

Charging Cable Detector 

Check the circuit board of the virtual weld, fake welding, no welding and other issues.

Check the charging cable can work or not and other issues.

Battery Aging Testing

Aging test of incoming battery

Multi-function Button Lifespan Testing

Multi-function Button span test, generally continuity use at least thirty thousand times.

assembling all components of the driver

Battery Processing

Driver Assembly

Ear Hook Assembly

assembling the ear-hook and bottom shell

PCB Board Assembly

assembling the PCB board and bottom shell

Button Assembly

Shell Assembly

Ear-tips Assembly

assembling the vol+/vol- key

usually the M size ear-tip on the headset

Current & Voltage Test

Rubbing Headset

Appearance Detection

Bluetooth Test

Bottom Shell & Speaker Assembly

 assembling the bottom shell and driver

Speaker Seal

Ultrasonic for Driver

Welded PCB Board

after assembling the ear-hook, 

the bottom shell and the driver, then seal it, so that the sound can

not be leaked.

use the ultrasonic wave to 

assembling the driver,which can 

be tightly combined with the sound cavity for no leakage phenomenon.

clean the headset

check the multi-function button and out apprearance

test the signal,distance,noise,no sound and so on

Prepare the Craft Box

Put the Charging Cable

Put the Warranty Card

Packing Headset

for the craft box packaging

for the craft box packaging

put the products warranty card in the bottom of box

put headset,ear tips and other accessory into eva case

Put EVA Case into Box

Packing the Cover

Stick the Bar Code

Packing Plastic Bag

put the products and all assessory into the craft box

packing the cover of the craft box,at the same time confirm the color,model and so on.

confirm the bar code suitable for this products

according to customers requirements


Packing Master Box

Sealing the Carton


Avoid leakage asseesory

customized the master box according to customers' packaging

incoming material warehouse and finished goods warehouse