Bluetooth Speaker with Colorful LED Light

* Dual coil design; Special use 18 core dual tone circle magnetic frequency speaker, the sound quality is more beautiful, more strong bass; 

* Music spectrum: LED light music spectrum display - “pulsation, rainbow, firefly, party, stroll, nightlight” .Five kinds of display mode functions; 

* Night light:LED light spectrum - orange full-color LED lights display mode function, could as an emergency small night lights 

* Bluetooth: 10 meters range with smartphones, tablets or other Bluetooth device connected audio without impediment; 

* Bluetooth phone:Bluetooth hand-free talking, clear , no echo; 

* Audio input: Stereo audio input interface, easy to be connected with computer, digital music player, mobile phone and other audio equipment; 

* Touch keys: The new interaction experience operation, the finger and a touch ,the product function can be realized;

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